Adelaide Petrographic Laboratories was previously the thin sections lab of Pontifex & Associates.

Thin Sections Sample Preparation

This lab has been providing Thin Section and sample preparation services for the Australian market for the past 35 years.

It was acquired by technician George Morgan in June 2013. George managed to retain the old Pontifex team, including the vastly experienced Peter Ruge. Adelaide Petrographic Laboratories operates out of the same premises as before.

We offer convenience, a quick turn-around, and guaranteed quality in the preparation of thin and polished thin sections.

APL specialises in assisting the mining, construction and quarrying industries. Research institutions, government agencies and students are also listed among our many clients.


Thin Sections

  • Thin Sections
  • Polished Thin Section
  • Double Polished Thin or Thick Sections
  • Polished Section Blocks
  • Core and hand specimen lapping and polishing

Thin sections may include mineral core, rock and grain samples. Also metallurgical samples, building  and construction products, industrial and electronic samples, and dried biological samples.

Preparation Options

Preparation options include the impregnation of unconsolidated materials, dyed epoxy impregnation, working to specific temperature constraints and staining for carbonates and Kspar.

We are also experienced in processing water sensitive materials.

Adelaide Petrographic Laboratories can also arrange full reporting services, including basic descriptive information, interpretations of mineral assemblages, and semi quantitive XRD.

Contact Adelaide Petrographic Laboratories today for all Thin Section and Sample Preparation work on 0412 937 301

Thin Section Preparation

Adelaide Petrographic Laboratories specialises in the production of thin sections.

The initial sample can consist of rock chips, organic matter, friable rock, archaeological samples, fossils, and other types of carbonate. Metallurgical samples (usually for polished thin section or polished block), electrical components and other materials can also be mounted.

A standard thin section for transmitted light microscopy would have the following specifications:

  • Glass thickness 1200 micron
  • Section thickness 35 micron
  • Cover slip
  • Sample epoxy impregnated if required

Variations from a standard thin section may include thicker or thinner sample finishing.

Sample materials can also be made into polished thin sections for reflected light microscopy and some electron microscopy.