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Adelaide Petrographic Laboratories (formerly Pontifex & Associates thin section lab) has almost a 35 year history in the preparation of petrographic samples.

We offer convenience, a quick turn-around, and guaranteed quality in the preparation of thin and polished thin sections.

APL specialises in assisting the mining, construction and quarrying industries. Research institutions, government agencies and students are also listed among our many clients.


  • Thin Sections
  • Polished Thin Sections
  • Double Polished Thin/Thick Sections
  • Polished Section Blocks
  • Core and hand specimen lapping and polishing

Thin sections may include mineral core, rock and grain samples. Also metallurgical samples, building  and construction products, industrial and electronic samples, and dried biological samples.

Preparation options include the impregnation of unconsolidated materials, dyed epoxy impregnation, working to specific temperature constraints and staining for carbonates and Kspar.

We are also experienced in processing water sensitive materials.

APL can also arrange full reporting services, including basic descriptive information, interpretations of mineral assemblages, and semi quantitive XRD.